2012 Chase Log

May 28, 2012

Type: Stationary Observation
Location(s): Memphis, TN
Chase Result: N/A
Witnessed: Heavy Rain, 40+ MPH Winds, Small Hail

A small pop-up style thunderstorm produced brief heavy rain and strong winds as it moved over Northwestern Mississippi and Southwestern Tennessee. The cell also briefly produced pea sized hail. A few branches were knocked down off of trees as the wind briefly gusted to near 50 MPH.

March 2, 2012

Type: Storm Chase
Location(s): USPS Post Office in Dickson, TN
Chase Result: Success
Witnessed: Rotating Wall Cloud, Hail, High Winds, Tree and Property Damage

Witnessed a rotating wall cloud moving E @ 65mph that later dropped a very weak tornado that only lasted for a short time. I could not see the tornado, due to the storm becoming rain-wrapped very quickly. It took out a few tall, skinny trees, peeled back some metal tiles on the Renaissance Center's Cybersphere, damaged the flea market area, and another part of the storm (believed to be a tornado, which the local FD says they witnessed) damaged the roof to the Hampton Inn at the interstate (I-40, exit 172) and tore off some of the siding of the roof on the Waffle House at the interstate as well. There have also been some reports of damage done to some homes around that area as well.

I did get hailed on where I was at, and the largest hail stones I could find were about the size of a quarter.

The NWS does not believe there was a tornado in Dickson, but myself and a few other fellow spotters that were with me all saw a couple of power flashes in the direction that the tornado crossed the road. Power flashes indicate that there is high circulation on the ground.

Thankfully, there were no injuries or fatalities reported in Dickson County from this event.

January 23, 2012

Type: Stationary Observation
Location(s): 3 miles N of the City of Dickson, TN
Chase Result: N/A
Witnessed: Funnel Cloud/Tornado, High Winds, Tree Damage

Witnessed a possible tornado that passed just 1/4 mile north of my home. This is one of two possible tornadoes that came through Dickson, TN. A tornado warning was issued at 12:40 AM for my area specifically, along with an additional tornado warning just S of my location for the second indication of rotation that came through Dickson at 12:53 AM. Lots of tree and power line damage was reported following the storm along the areas of where the "tornadoes" came through. Dickson also suffered from lots of areas without power.